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About L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC (L-3 Vertex)

Madison, Mississippi-based L-3 Vertex provides aviation and aerospace technical services, primarily for U.S. Government customers. The company has more than 11,000 employees at 300 locations worldwide (36 states and 33 countries) supporting 3,500 military and government aircraft and systems (89 distinct aircraft types.)

L-3 Vertex began as Beech Aerospace Services, Inc. (BASI) in 1977, with name changes to Raytheon Aerospace in 1995, Vertex Aerospace in 2001 and finally to L-3 Vertex Aerospace in December, 2003. The company is a subsidiary of L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) and is part of the L-3 Integrated Systems group.

L-3 Vertex provides:

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)
Life-cycle support, including hands-on maintenance/repair and parts inventory management, for fleets of government aircraft and other equipment.

Contractor Operated & Managed Base Supply (COMBS)
Fleet inventory system management for government customers.

Contract Field Services
Contract Field Teams and other ID/IQ contracting providing temporary and long-term labor support for a variety of technical services needs; maintenance and repair, depot services, inspections, modernization and contingency support.  CFS supports  aircraft, vehicles, weapon systems and other equipment. Teams of any size and duration available worldwide on short notice. 

Depot Operations                                                                                   Avionics installation and retrofit, Aircraft Condition Inspection, interior refurbishment, major aircraft rework, crash damage repair, strip, painting and modifications.

Other Services:  Aircraft component repair and overhaul for government and commercial customers.

Specific contracts:

  • USAF T-1A Program: Contractor Operated and Managed Base Supply COMBS (supply pipeline management) for USAF T-1A aircraft stationed at Randolph AFB, Texas; Laughlin AFB, Texas; Vance AFB, Okla.; Columbus AFB, Miss.; NAS Pensacola, Fla.
  • USAF and US Navy Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS): Contractor Logistics Support and COMBS for the T-6A II training aircraft. The program calls for 740 aircraft to be delivered to the Navy & Air Force. L-3 Vertex is the exclusive provider of COMBS support for Raytheon Aircraft international T-6A & T-6B sales.

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